Pocket Agenda Lite

Pocket Agenda easily lets you create agendas for meetings on-the-go!

Create your Agenda in 6 Easy Steps:

  • Add Meeting Details
    • Location Name, Website, Phone
    • Subject of Meeting
    • Date and Time
    • Organizer Contact Information
  • Add Logo for Header
  • Insert Attendees, Roles & Responsibilities if desired – manually or via Contacts
  • Add topics for meeting and assign Ownership
  • Setup Time to calculate Minutes for each topics or topic end time
  • Preview, Send via email PDF, Dropbox™ and/or AirPrint™ (In App Purchase).

With Pocket Agenda Lite, you can get started for free!

If you’d like advanced features for saving time and with additional formatting options, consider the following In-App Purchases:

  • PRO Bundle – Best Value! Includes all of the “*” items below.
  • Or, you can also purchase the below features separately.

  • ADD CONTACTS* – Get your existing contacts name and address from your device – saving you additional typing and time.
  • CALENDAR ACCESS* – Add meeting events to your calendar.
  • EXPANDED AGENDA AND TOPIC DESCRIPTIONS – Add more details to your agenda, topic and sub-topics.
  • – Share PDF to Dropbox* – Link to your DropBox Account. Upload your agenda with this feature.
    – Save in iTunes
    – Import/Export* – Save your letter and share with other Pocket Agenda users.

  • LETTERHEAD IMAGE* – Upload your logo or letterhead image (see FAQ’S inside the app for sizing recommendations).
  • MULTI-PAGE – Add the ability for multiple pages with this in-app purchase. Great for content packed meetings, details, and attendees.
  • REMOVE ADS* – Go ad free for a better user experience.
  • PRINT FEATURE* – Use AirPrint technology to print your agenda.

Download your free version of Pocket Agenda Here.

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